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7 Secrets of Amazon Prime‘s The Family Man 2 that makes it awesome.

Amazon Prime’s The Family Man Season 2 has released on the 4th of June’21. It is directed by the dynamic duo Raj and DK. The Family Man 2 casts include Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi Samantha and others.

Here is a treat for your eyes.

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Phenomenal Acting Needs Hard Work

The key to The Family Man 2 cast’s brilliant performance is simple. It could be summarised in only three words. Practice, Improvise and Feedback. Actors like Manoj Bajpayee are true believers of this system. Before the shooting even started the team was rigorously rehearsing each and every scene multiple times. Even the directors were part of it.  There were many instances where the team improvised certain parts.  In short, the team did their homework quite well. A time when famous actors are known for being notoriously doing less to no rehearsals at all. The Family Man season 2 team has reminded us that there is no substitute for hard work.

Brilliantly Placed Dark Humour

Humour plays an important role in a story. It gives a breathing space for the plot and brings comfort and calmness to the audience.  It is very much required for a plot like The Family Man. The amazing thing about this series is that the humour is neither forced into the situations nor into the characters. The use of situational dark humour between the two main characters Manoj (Srikanth) and Sharib Hashmi (JK) is excellent. It shows the chemistry these two characters have between them and how much they understand the severity of the situation.

There was NO JK in The Family Man

When Sharib Hashmi bagged his place in the series. He was asked to play the character, Mr Ghosh. Sharib asked the directors to give him some time so he can prepare for the role. But there was a problem. On meeting with Sharib the directors’ Raj and DK realised that he doesn’t look like a Bengali. Though they liked his performance. After much discussion, it was concluded that his character will be Maharashtrian. It was based on the fact that Sharib was born and brought up in Maharashtra.

Flawless Incorporation of multiple languages in a Hindi Series

Another terrific achievement of the team was to incorporate different languages in a Hindi series. Generally, we are used to suing English in a Hindi storyline. This was not the case for The Family Man Sean 2. Not only the team had to incorporate different languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil but also had to look out for the different accents practised in different countries.  Especially, in the scenes where multiple characters from different background are interacting with other in a single shot. For example, actress Devadarshini who played the role of police inspector Umayal had to constantly remind herself during any scenes that her character doesn’t understand Hindi when Srikanth and JK were talking.

Don’t be a minimum gut | The Family Guy Season 2 | Source YouTube

Awe-inspiring performance by Samantha

For any story, the fame of the protagonist depends upon the competency of the antagonist. Raji, played by Samantha was absolutely mind-blowing in the series. She was tough, lacklustre, focused and totally devoted to the cause she believed in.  Every line she spoke, every action she did was for a reason. The fight and the chase sequences were practical, effective and to the point. Samantha really justified Raji. Her dedication and preparation both physically and mentally were commendable. Hats off to Samantha for reminding us why she is where she.

Badass Single Shot action sequences

One of the unique and extraordinary things about The Family Man Season 2 is its single-shot action sequences. According to the makers of the series, these action sequences took the same time as normal action sequences except for one big difference. The time is taken to practice the shot. The maker wanted the audience to experience the same thing that the characters involved in the action scenes were experiencing. An immense amount of hard work, time and dedication went into these scenes. The team would rehearse multiple times with every character until everyone gets their timing and part right. Honestly, the effort was not in vain. In The Family Man Season 2, we get to see some of the best-choreographed action sequences of the year. Kudos to the team.

The golden quote, ‘Don’t be a minimum guy’

The directors’ Raj and DK wanted to create a quote that would leave its mark and say hugely about the office ambience and the characters in it. The duo has had already succeeded in creating something similar in the movie Go Goa Gone, ‘What do we know? What have we learnt?’. Although the quote is in the wrong English it tells us about the expectations and social responsibilities in the office environment. It somewhere resembles our experience to some extent. That is the reason why this quote has so much importance. On the other hand, it’s really funny.

The Family Man Season 2 is available in Amazon Prime Videos.

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