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9 Facts about Shang chi and the Legend of the Ten rings that MCU fans don’t know.

As the new trailer of Shang Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings dropped in everyone got excited. For normal MCU fans, it’s just another action hero movie to be excited about. On the other hand, for some of the hardcore comics fan it an excellent opportunity to see their favourite and one of the most powerful martial arts characters on the big screen.

To everyone, here is something to ease your eyes.

On this occasion let’s find out some amazing facts about this mysterious character that only die-hard comics fans know.

The Real Meaning of Shang Chi

The character Shang Chi is Chinese in origin. He was created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin in 1973. The name Shang Chi in Chinese means “Rising and Advancing Spirit”.The idea behind creating this character was to cash in the hype about martial arts and Kung Fu. According to the cannon, Shang Chi is from a small fishing village in Hunan province named Yang Yin. Where he was trained in martial arts. He is also considered to be the best martial art fighter in the entire Marvel Universe.

hang Chi |  Source Google | Mark Anderson
Shang Chi | Source Google | Mark Anderson

The Origin of the Ten Rings

Mandarin was on the run from the authorities when he discovered the wreckage of an alien spaceship and hides in the debris. Meets an alien named Axonn-Karr to whom the ship belonged, a Makluan explorer, to whom the ship belonged. Not only did he killed the alien but also stole the ten small cylinders from the ship’s engine. Converts those into rings that he wears.

Shan Chi’s Multiplying effect

Though the character was introduced in the Marvel universe without any superpowers later on it did gain one. In the story arc, the character is affected by the Origin Bomb and acquires the power of multiplying himself.  Each copy has the same physical and mental ability as him. However, it is not clear to what extent he can use his powers.

The Power of the Ten Rings

Unlike the rings shown in the movie, Mandarin wears his rings on his fingers. All the ten rings have magical powers. Each of the 10 rings contains a soul of a legendary alien warrior. Each ring has its own powers with limited AI. Just like The Lord of the Rings, these rings have a will of their own. They always want the wearer of the rings to somehow free the souls so they can come back to power.

Shang Chi and The Avengers

When Marvel announced Shang Chi in their phase 4, this idea has been speculated by all the hardcore fans to some extent. In the comics, Shang Chi joined the Avengers on different occasions to save the earth. Thus, it could be speculated that in the future instalments of MCU we could see Shang Chi Joining the Avengers.

Master of Kung Fu | Source Google | 
Jim Barker
Master of Kung Fu | Source Google |
Jim Barker

Mandarin the Master of the rings

Though the rings have a will of their own and have tried to influence Mandarin to let them free it failed. Mandarin has been using these rings for so long that the rings have created a mental link with him.  He has learned how to effectively use them at his will.  Mandarin has mastered this skill so much that he can summon the rings from a distance to come to him.

Powers that the rings behold

Each ring in Mandarin’s hand has a special power. They are not as powerful as the infinity stones but are powerful enough to overcome any foe. Each of the rings has a name and works accordingly.

Left Hand:

  • Little Finger: Ice Blast– It freezes the surrounding air and can bring down the temperature of anything to absolute zero.
  • Ring Finger: Mento-Intensifier– It allows Mandarin to increase his psychic abilities multiple folds so he can control a person. This only works when the person is near him.
  • Middle Finger: Electro Blast– It can emit electrical energy. The intensity of the energy depends upon the wearer of the ring.
  • Index Finger: Flame Blast– It releases infra-red radiation and can cause the air to glow by superheating the molecules.
  • Thumb: White Light– It can release many forms of energy from the electromagnetic spectrum, from blinding white light to lasers.    

Right Hand:

  • Little Finger: Black Light– It absorbs all the visible light and creates an area of complete darkness. It is said that the ring uses the same power known as “Darkforce” as used by some other Marvel characters like Darkstar and Shroud.
  • Ring Finger: Disintegration Beam– As the name suggests it destroys any object by tearing down its atomic bonds. It needs at least 20 minutes to recharge itself.
  • Middle Finger: Vortex Beam– This ring can be used to create swirls of air moving at a very high speed thus creating a vortex. This vortex can be sued in different ways, like levitate or throw things around or give Mandarin any kind of advantage in a fight.
  • Thumb: Matter Rearranger– It can rearranger the positions of the atoms/ molecules and can increase or decrease the speed of anything. It cannot change the form or nature of the object.
Bruce Lee | Source Google | Sal Ami
Bruce Lee | Source Google | Sal Ami

Bruce Lee and Kwai Chang Caine, the real father of Shang Chi

The real reason why a character like Shang Chi was created is very simple. The American audiences have always been fascinated by the eastern martial arts culture.  In the 1970s this craze was at its height.  On the big screen, there was great Bruce Lee while on the smaller screen there was Kwai Chang Caine from the TV series Kung Fu.  Both of them ignited a passion and cult for martial arts movies that still exist. To ride this hype Marvel came up with Shang Chi. Although Bruce Lee created the hype it was the character Kwai Chang Caine from which Shang Chi was inspired from.

Shang Chi Vs the Iron Fist, who is better?

When you are a martial arts fighter it is very common to come across a similar character in the comics. The Immortal Iron Fist on many occasions have fought with and side by side of Shang Chi in many storylines.  To some extent, both the characters have similar levels of capabilities. The Iron Fist can concentrate all his chi into his fists which can be used as a deadly weapon. Shang Chi is an overall martial arts warrior. Both of them are commendable fighters. Comparing both of them is a bit tough but the majority believes that Shang Chi is better.

Shang Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. The cast includes Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung Chui-wai and many more. The movie will release on 3rd September’21.

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