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9 Hidden Secrets in Pixar’s Luca that you have missed

Luca, the most beautiful and anticipated animated movie of the summer is finally out. It was released on 18th June’21. Everyone who has watched Luca has loved it. Luca didn’t disappoint anyone. This is mainly because of the great and original storyline. From the warm color tones of the movie, the mesmerizing graphics to the beautiful soundtracks. It has funny moments, emotional moments, you smile, you laugh and you cry with this movie. It’s the perfect movie for the summer. The creators of Luca have hidden many secrets inside the movie that most of us definitely missed when watching. It might be due to the reason for watching it in the theaters or just the fact that there are lots of things easter eggs in the movie. So, without further ado let’s get straight into the 10 secrets you missed in the movie.

1. Homage to Italian Cinema

Luca starts off with a boat traveling across the coast of the Italian riviera. When the shot changes and focuses on the rear of the boat, there is an Italian flag with the word “Gelsomina” written next to it. This is the name of the main character of the movie “La Strada”. It was played by the Italian classic actress Giulietta Masina. The character of Gelsomina is super important in Italian folklore. This is because of the significance that this movie has. It represented the constant struggle of the Italian people after1945. Representing Italy as a woman who endured struggles since she was young. She gets purchased by a circus strongman who made her go through constant struggles, mocking, and betrayal. She suffered incredible misfortunes throughout her whole life until she meets “Il Matto”, a man who finally treats her right.

2. Luca, the Story Goes On

Luca is fascinated by the outside world and likes to collect objects from the human world. A very similar attitude to that of Ariel of “The Little Mermaid”. She had an entire collection of human objects in her room. When Luca was swimming with the fishes he leaves behind a rock figure of himself to take care of the fishes before going to the outside world. In the credits, the same rock figure that Luca made to take care of the fish. This means that in the end the people of Portorosso took this figure and put it in the center of their city replacing the sea monster hunter. This clearly reveals that the people of Portorosso eventually learned how to live together with the sea monsters. They realized that they were as good, harmless, and cute as our boy Luca.

Marcello Mastroianni | Source Luca | Bing
Marcello Mastroianni | Source Luca | Bing

3.The Great Marcello

In one scene when Alberto and Luca hop on their finished makeshift Vespa. Alberto adjusts the wing mirror of the Vespa and a picture of a man right can be seen. Real shocking to see a real human picture in an animated movie? Who is this man? Well, he is Marcello Mastroianni, an icon in Italian cinema. Regarded as one of the most influential, famous, and biggest Italian actors of all time. With iconic films like Ladochivita and Marriage Italian Style revolutionized cinema in Italy. He was like a mixture of an Italian Humphrey Bogart and James Dean all in the same person. Enrico Casarosa, the Italian director of Luca wouldn’t leave the biggest icon of his country out of this beautiful movie. Rest in peace to the icon of Italy, Marcello Mastroianni, the Latin lover.

Movie references in Luca | Source Bing
Movie references in Luca | Source Bing

4. The Hidden Posters

In the scene when Luca and Alberto escape from their underwater village and go to the Portorosso plaza. There are two posters on the walls of the city. On the left, there is a poster of an iconic Italian movie called the Vacanze Romane, an Italian movie made in the 50s that has a direct reference to Luca. There is a scene in the movie where princess Anne takes the Vespa and runs away with it followed by Joe Bradley who sits behind her. What does this remind you of guys? Yes, Luca. On the right, we have a clear reference to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea of Jules Verne. The book that inspired the movie Luca confirming the fact that the director was heavily inspired by the book.

5. The Great Italia

In the movie Luca, Guilia shows Luca a picture of a flying machine that was originally created by the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci in 1485. It was just a sketch that revolutionized human flying forever. Then, in the dream sequence, they fly over the roman coliseum in its original form. It is a symbol of the Italian culture and heart of the country Rome. Finally, Pinocchio is seen jumping around the city. This is because Pinocchio is actually Italian. Yes! many people don’t know that it was created by Carlo Collodi of Florence, Italy. It was first mentioned in his book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” in 1883. It transcended well beyond Italy and Europe and was a success internationally. This scene basically is a reference to Italy’s rich culture and history.

6. The Disney Character You Missed in Luca

In the scene where Giulia and Luca are talking about both of their lives in Giulia’s room. At the bottom left there is a Donald Duck figure. He is known in Italy as Paolino Paperino. He is very famous for his adventures in Italian comic series like Haporino Pavarotto. Then at the bottom right, there is a vinyl cover with the name Nicolo Pitera making a reference to Nick Patera, an artist that rose to fame on the internet for his Disney covers. He later worked as a 3D modeler in Pixar studios. He did 3D modeling for movies like Inside Out and actually was the singing voice of the Triple Den Gum ad shown in the movie. In the top left of the same shot, there’s a bluish greenish boat, a reference to the boat in the debut work of the director, La Luna.

Creature from the Black Lagoon | Source Luca | Source Bing
Creature from the Black Lagoon | Source Luca | Source Bing

7. Hugo, the Movie Star

In one specific scene when Luca’s parents are walking slowly behind two human kids eating ice cream ready to throw a bucket of water at them. They passed by a movie poster called “Attack of The Sea Monster” that imitates the movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon” released in 1954. It is shown that as soon as Luca’s parents see the poster, they get shocked. Well, this is basically because the main monster portrayed in that fictional movie is Luca’s uncle Hugo. Yes! the brother of Luca’s dad Lorenzo Paguro. That’s why he jumps of shock when he sees that his brother is in the poster.

8. The Customary Easter Eggs

During the race is when Luca has so focused to win the race and even ignores his parents in the process. On the right side, one can see the famous Pixar ball found in almost all Pixar movies. It is found in the Incredibles, Monsters Inc, and many others. Then when it starts raining during the race and Alberto and Luca get wet turning into sea monsters in the process. If one looks in the background, we see this the Pixar’s pizza planet truck found in many Pixar cartoons like Toy Story. It’s one of the only Pixar objects that has made a cameo in every single Pixar movie besides The Incredibles. In Luca, instead of being a truck, it’s a little rickshaw with the pizza planet white globe on top of it.

Guilia going to school | Source Bing
Guilia going to school | Source Bing

9. Luca Returning Home

In the end when Giulia and Luca have to leave the city to go to school by train.  At the bottom of the train, one can see the numbers 1200 PA. What are these numbers? Well, this is the address of Pixar’s animation studios where most of the movie was made. “1200 of Park Avenue” and is actually a number that appears a lot in Pixar’s movies and it’s always hidden in their movies.

Luca can be considered as one of the best movie by Disney and Pixar. If you have observed something else that we have missed please share it in the comments.

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