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Days of Our Lives former Cast: Why they left and what are they doing now?

Days of Our Lives has been one of the most-watched daytime soaps for as long as everyone remembers. It made the audience smile and cry with its ever-changing story of love, relations, responsibilities and loss. Just like life, there have been many changes and goodbyes from the loving cast members. Here are a few of the former Days of Our Lives Cast and what they are currently doing with their lives.

Peter Reckell a.k.a Bo Brady

In 1983 Peter Raquel brought to life a new kind of leading man in Bo Brady on Days of our Lives. Often imitated but never duplicated Raquel’s portrayal of the rebel-turned hero won the hearts of millions of soap fans when he was paired opposite Christian Alfonso’s hope Williams Brady. The actor left the show after 23 years in 2015 when his character died in the arms of his wife. Raquel has since retired from acting to spend time with his wife Kelly Moneymaker and their daughter Loden. They live happily in New Zealand.

James Scott a.k.a EJ DiMera

James Scott received a tremendous amount of attention for his portrayal of EJ DiMera ranking up to two daytime Emmy nominations over the eight years he was on the soap. Many may not know but the 41-year-old British heartthrob is doing something very different these days. Scott runs a website called the “whisper within”, which helps people find their own inner compass and trust and act from that place. The former actor shares his experience on his website. According to the website, though he was immensely successful in his career he always felt empty inside. He said that he had money and fame and all the grief to match it. After receiving wealth and validation for working for more than two decades he was still feeling lonely and depressed. This is when Scott decided to address his depression and joined an Indian meditation centre for a week. According to him, it changes his life. He went there for a week but he loved it so much that he stayed there for a whole year. This experience helped him to peace and now he wants to help others who felt the same like he did.

Casey Daedrick a.k.a Chad DiMera

Good looking and immensely talented Casey Daedrick have walked a long path. Since originating the role of Chad DiMera in 2009. He has gone from guest roles to recurring roles to becoming a main cast member on the CW’s In the Dark. While having a successful career Daedrick’s biggest challenge has been himself. Specifically, his experience with mental illness. When Daedrick was in his early 20s, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is also the lead vocalist in his Heavy Metal band called And Still I Rise. We wish nothing but more success to this talented actor.

Jan Lilly a.k.a Theresa Donovan

We all were thrilled when Jan Lilly came into our lives as the trouble maker Theresa Donovan back in 2013. She wowed audiences and delighted fans with her entertaining portrayal of Shane and Kimberly’s love to hate daughter. In June 2016 the actress confirmed she was exiting the program due to the demanding filming schedule hindering her ability to pursue other commitments and opportunities. Though she did come back for a brief three-month story arc beginning in July 2018. It would probably be impossible for her to return to Salem full-time as she is busy filming heart-warming movies for Hallmark.

 Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso | Source Bing | Jennifer
Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso | Source Bing | Jennifer

Renee Jones a.k.a Lexi Carver

After twenty years of playing Lexi Carver, actress Renee Jones decided to bid goodbye. According to sources, she wanted a simpler and more peaceful life. It was also disclosed that she was not happy doing acting anymore. She wants to spend the rest of her life in silence and solitude. Renee grew up on a farm in Georgia alongside nature and would like to do so till she closes her eyes forever.

Christy Clark a.k.a Carrie Brady

Carrie Brady was an ongoing character on Days of Our Lives for many years since 1986. Carrie was played by Christy Clark. She came back in 2019 to bid farewell to her grandmother Caroline. With covid19 affecting people from all walks of life. Even some of our favourite celebrities are getting sick. Clark and her husband were some of the first public figures to be diagnosed with the virus. Taking to Instagram in March, the 47-year-old actress announced she had tested positive for covid19. She reported waking up with chills, fever, headache and sore throats. Was in bed for three days. “Zapped of energy.” she continued.

Shelley Hennig a.k.a Stephanie Johnson

From 2007 Chelly Hennig spent four years as Stephanie Johnson. Playing the daughter of the super couple, Stephen Johnson and Kayla Brady. During her time everyone saw her impressive transition. From being an adrenaline rushed racer to a powerful and confident businesswoman with relatively complex love life. While her character appeared briefly back in 2017 to attend her parent’s wedding she’s been quite busy since leaving the show. The former miss teen USA was a regular on the primetime show Teen Wolf. She has also appeared in several films including Unfriended and Summer of Eight.

Molly Burnett a.k.a Melanie Jonas

Molly Burnett first entered the daytime soap as Melanie Jonas in 2008. She was there for about four years. She left the television program in 2012 to pursue other roles landing guest spots on such primetime series as CSI, Cyber, Relationship Status and True Blood. Though she returned to Salem for six months in 2014. In 2016 and 18 she stepped into the role of Maxi Jones for Kristen storms on General Hospital. She is current became a series regular in Queen of the South which got its fifth season on the USA Network series.

Rachel Melvin a.k.a Chelsea Brady

Rachel Melvin entered Salem in 2005 playing Chelsea Brady. She stepped down from the series in 2009 as Chelsea relocated to London with her fiancé Max Brady. After her departure from NBC daytime drama, Racheal is busy on primetime shows and with television films. Her most recent set of prime-time gigs include Awkward and Sleepy Hollow.

There are many more memorable characters who left Days of Our Lives in pursuit of their dreams and happiness. Wishing each of them luck and success

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