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Find Out How Disney’s Loki Created Marvel Phase 4

Marvel has always used Loki to be instrumental when introducing a major new supervillain in MCU. In the Avengers, Loki teased us with Thanos. He later evolved into the main villain in Avengers Infinity War and in Avengers Endgame. Likewise, in the season finale of the Loki series, we get to see a glimpse of the future of MCU. We are going to discuss how the season finale of Loki shapes the entire Phase 4 for MCU. Jonathan Majors, who has been cast as Kang the Conquer in the next Antman movie, plays He Who Remains thus cementing the speculation of Kang or one of his variants is behind everything. Moving along the realising dates of the movies let’s try to understand how MCU will reveal this apocalyptic threat.

The How, The Who and The Why

Kang was revealed to be the mastermind behind TVA and Time Lords. The way it was done became more important than his introduction. Here we don’t get to meet the actual new adversary but his variant. The character was introduced to us as “He Who Remains” which is a direct reference to Kang the Conqueror, speculated by many during the season. One of the main focus points of the episode was to lay a background story for the character. This was done beautifully by the variant. The exposition explained how it all started and why it will continue. Who is actually behind this chaos? In Phase 3 the main story revolved around the infinity stones while in phase 4 it’s clear that the sacred Timeline is in the centre of everything.  

Loki called the Eternals

In the trailer of the Eternals, it was disclosed, that they have always been there. They took an oath never to interfere with mankind and his deeds. Then, what made them break their own words and come back? In the last episode He Who Remains stated that if he is killed or dies then the balance of the sacred timeline will fall. As Sylvie put her dagger into his chest the timeline starts to branch off into multiple smaller branches. This could have created a domino effect that grabbed the attention of the Eternals. Fighting a being who has already conquered other universes and the sacred timeline of this universe could be the very challenge the Eternals were waiting for.

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Introduction of Spider verse

As the timelines branch off so does reality. Branched off timelines could be the backdrop of the new spiderman movie. Based on all the buzz surrounding this film. There is a possibility that these branched off realities created different versions of spiderman and their enemies and now Tom Holland has to deal with it. Casting Alfred Molina and Jamie Fox as Dr Otto Octavian and Electro hints in the same direction. It is also rumoured that Andrew Garfield might also join the team. This could also create a possibility of different spiderman coming together in the next Avengers movie.

How Strange it can be?

As new reality gets created so does new multiverse. Next in the pipeline after Spiderman is Dr Strange. As the name suggests Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will introduce us to the severeness of Kang becoming the new master of TVA. Stephen Strange is the protector and the keeper of the time stone and this realm. This makes Kang the real threat to the Master of Mystical Arts. As Kang is one of the most powerful characters in the comics the same is expected in MCU. Fans are already speculating that Strange will be teaming up with the Scarlet Witch herself to fight this nemesis. There is also a possibility that Loki will join the cause. Strange could be the very character that warns the rest of the superheroes about the arrival of Kang.

Dr Strange | Source Bing | Wikiquote
Dr Strange | Source Bing | Wikiquote

Kang has always been Here

What if Kang was already present in this universe? Keeping a low profile and staying hidden? In the last instalment of the Antman and Wasp, we saw a glimpse of a city in the quantum realm. This could be the city that Kang built in the quantum realm just like in the comics. Kang has already been announced as the main antagonist in the Antman and Wasp Quantumania. This might be the first real encounter that the Avengers will have with this Maestro. We might even get to see this city closer. Nevertheless, Antman has also been the missing link in defeating Thanos in phase 3. There is a possibility that Marvel will follow a similar pattern.

In short, all our superheroes will fight the smaller battles in their respective realms and will slowly realize that someone else is pulling the strings. What will be interesting to find out is the main motive of this supervillain. Thanos was motivated by the sustainability of the universe. Though Kang is introduced as just another power-hungry supervillain. MCU will need more than that to create a better persona of this powerful tyrant

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