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Loki: 5 Mind-Blowing fan theories that might be true

Loki became an instant fan favourite when Disney+ dropped its trailer. To be honest the series has not let anybody don yet. A compelling story about a variant of Loki himself and the mysterious shroud that surrounds The Time Variant Authority (TVA) makes the series interesting and compelling at the same time. Since the beginning of the series, fans have speculated many theories about the show. Of which few have come incorporated in the show during its run. As the series progresses to its finale here are some mind-bending fan theories that might come true.

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It was Her all along

The fact that even after knowing the secret that the Time Keepers are just androids and the everyone in TVA are just variants with their minds washed. Ravonna is still pretending as nothing is wrong raises some questions. There could be two possibilities, either she is so much dependent upon the system and the power that she enjoys that she doesn’t want anyone to know the truth. So, she can be who she is. Or she knows the person behind all of this commotion along and is a part of it from the beginning. There are some fans out there who believe that it’s Ravonna who is pulling the strings from the beginning. Though the latter feels far fetched nothing can put down at the moment when the show is not keeping any stones unturned for a great story.

Kang this be Possible?

Since the introduction of phase 4 of MCU die-hard fans believes that Kang the conqueror could be the main antagonist of this phase. For all non-comics MCU fans out there Kang is a supervillain with the power of time travel. He has been called many names throughout his history in comics. The basic master plan of Kang was to manipulate time so he can become the ruler of the world in every possible reality. The question here arises that is Kang behind TVA and all of this? Did Kang created TVA as its domain to rule over the world and remove people who might create problems for him? There is still a possibility.

Loki | Source Google | marvelousRoland
Loki | Source Google | marvelousRoland

A new and Improved Loki

Apart from how the series will reveal itself many fans also believe in redemption. A trending fan theory suggests that this the path for redemption for Loki. The MCU will reinstate Loki in the main timeline once the character realises his mistakes. The concept of making Loki meet with all the possible versions of himself is to make him realise his weakness and coup with it. It’s a popular belief that Tom Hiddleston’s character will be very much influenced by his own variant Sylvie and make amends with his past. He will try to be a better version of himself. Getting a transformation from a character requires some kind of powerful motivator. That could come in the form of the death or sacrifice of Sylvie by the end of the series.

A Loki keeping a lowkey

What if the man behind the curtains is the man himself? There is another popular theory among the fans that the person who is pilling all the strings is another Loki himself. Not the Loki that we fell in love with. A version of him who is more sinister and powerful. It will be a great finale if the three variants fight each other. Although few of the fans are not that hopeful since the show has already teased that idea in a different way in episode 5 “Journey into Mystery”.    

Wait a Minute!

Who is the person behind all of this commotion and chaos is there in TVA? What if that being is monitoring each and everyone in TVA and keeping a track of everyone and no one noticed it? What if the culprit is posing as a cute lovely sweet AI? Yes! There is a fan theory that believes that the person behind all of this is posing as Miss Minute, the TVA AI to monitor everyone. Think about it. Hiding in the plane site. No one gives any attention to her since she is just an AI. Have access to every file and everything in TVA. Something to think about.


Doctor Strange | Source Google | AntMan3001
Doctor Strange | Source Google | AntMan3001

Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and Who?

In Wandavision there have been several mentions of Doctor Strange. This led the fans to think that there could be a possibility of these two characters working together in future. At this interesting time, Disney+ introduces Loki. Since Loki and Doctor Strange have a history in the comics. There is a huge probability that Loki might also team up with this magical duo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It will be epic to see these masters of magic and mystic arts come together.

After Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ released Loki. Its cast includes Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. The story explores the question, what happened to Loki after Avengers Endgame? While Black widow is creating waves in the theatres, Loki is keeping glued to their seats at home

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