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What makes Kota Factory such a brilliant and badass show? All you need to know.

When Kota Factory released on Netflix on April’19 it created ripples. In a society where a degree is one of the most important things comes a story of a dream of a boy and his struggle. Kota factory doesn’t shy away from the harsh reality and the repercussions of the institutionalised form of education. It has emotional storytelling, unattractive but beautiful characters and loads of honesty. Let’s dive into this fearless and eye-opening world of Kota Factory.

Here is a sneak peek for everyone for Season 2.

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Kota Factory is not a show it’s an emotion

One of the reasons why the show is captivating is its emotional relativity. In a country where a major part of your social and financial status depends upon the brand of the institution from where you have passed out. Kota Factory touches almost everyone’s life in parts. All of us have left our friends and family in search of a good education. We all have felt outcasts when compared to people who are better than us. We all have embraced the change and moved forward. The show in some way tells everyone’s journey to adulthood in our society.

Exposes the Hypocrisy in the system

Kota Factory exposes the hypocrisy that lies within our education system. It questions the applicability of the knowledge that we gain. It makes us realise that everything that is in the book is not important. There have been many shows and movies that have talked about this topic before but somehow have missed the emotional sentiments. The show makes us realise what we have missed and how we have been trained to follow the trend and not to ask questions. From forced to join institutions just to prepare for the entrance exam to making students compete in herds and segregating them on the basis of their so-called intelligence shows how far we have come.


The Scary misguided Students

TVF Play’s Kota Factory follows the life of Vaibhav who like millions in our country have come to Kota to fulfil his dream and to join IIT. The show embraces and lets us experience his struggles and his dreams. Vaibhav like many of us becomes part of the crowd and fights for the tiniest bit of attention. Like all of us, the system makes him doubt his capabilities. But unlike many of us he some hoe manages to find a light in all of this commotion. Here comes the Jeetu Sir or we all love to call him Jeetu bhaiya. This character not only understands the hardships and hurdles that our main character has to face but gives him direction. In one such instance when he gives Vaibhav some problems to solve so he could be part of a better group he realises that Vaibhav has cheated and copied the answers. Despite that, he allows him in the group because he knows the true potential of Vaibhav.

The everlasting bond of friendship

The only blissful thing that is there when things are all going wrong and there is no family is friendship. Kota Factory does not portray the hunky-dory Karan Johar movie’s friendship. The friendships in this show are vulnerable, they are works in progress in short they are beautiful. The relation between Vaibhav and Meena an excellent example of how friendship works. The chemistry between them is flawless. The show remarkably depicts how two insure and relatively lost characters can bind together in an emotional relationship. We all have been through this stage in our lives and that what makes this show worth watching.

The Black and White ambience

One of the mesmerising effects of the show is its black and white environment. According to the makers of the show, the black and white cinematography represents memories or flashbacks. The shows try to touch every viewer’s journey to adulthood. The emotions that we have experienced. From heartbreaks to the first kisses. From never-ending bonds between friends to forgetting to even call once a month to check on them. We have all moved on in the never-ending race. All that is left are the memories. Kota Factory captures the very essence of that journey so we can relive them once again.

If you have not watched this cocktail of love and dreams that don’t wait. Kota Factory Season is streaming on TVF Play. On the other hand, streaming giant Netflix has expressed their interest for the second season.

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